AQBI Queen Bee Artificial Insemination instruments

Our purpose is not to retell what others have mentioned, but to present innovation and creativity! Devices such as the Schley-Swienty-Dol: are all certified and precision devices that meet the needs in an entertaining production e.g. Collect the Sperm to inseminate around 20 queen bees, but these devices can not cover a professional and commercial work; moreover they are not even capable of a daily sperm collect count for more than 80 queen bees to inseminate on the same day. We are not talking about an experienced and professional person! By Which device can a trainee with three years of experience bear more than 8 hours of work and be still able to keep on working?

AQBI Company Patented device 103

  • By a dosing syringe, you can inseminate more than 25 queen bees daily.
  • It’s equipped with a full stainless steel and a highly accurate micro-syringe
  • Unique sting grabber ring system (the AQBI innovated Sting grabber ring forceps or the conventional dorsal perforated hook) that have even inexperienced trainees do the insemination process in less than one minute.
  • The division of syringe and hook movements is professionally planned between both hands.
  • A High-quality stereomicroscope with a wide viewing resolution
  • A high-quality Anesthetic system and a 2-liter rechargeable capsule.
  • A high-quality Anesthetic system and a 2-liter rechargeable capsule.
  • The mechanical parts of the device and the stereomicroscope come with a three-year full warranty and in case of a possible damaged part, the intending peripheral will be repaired or replaced for free, the customer should only pay the postage.
  • granting at least 10 years guarantee.

What is a sting hook ring system?

Why is this system superior to conventional working methods such as the Queen Bee Venom sac ventral hook, dorsal perforated hook – Pressure Grip Forceps? Because all these methods will fundamentally make your instrument have direct contact with the Queen’s internal organs, such as the sting protector filament, vaginal orifice, and the muscular parts of the Queen’s venom sac, not only does it make the queen bees vulnerable, but also there will be a great risk of infection and eventually leads to stop laying eggs. Our patented device with the sting grabber ring system works in such a way that it grabs the sting from the outside and even the pressure that is put to the sting surface can be easily adjusted. Without having to disinfect the system for each queen or injure the sting protector filament (watch Ms. Susan Cobey’s video for the Schley pliers system).

AAQBI Company Patented device 102

AQBI Insemination Syringe:

Is every micro insemination syringe a professional one? What points should be considered in a prominent and professional micro syringe?

  • Due to the mass weight of the collected sperm with the mass weight of the diluting liquid inside the syringe, after collecting 8 sperm portions for eight queens, the sensitivity of the syringe function should not be reduced.
  • A high-quality syringe should be made of stainless steel and we should not see any change in color and quality inside the autoclave.
  • It should be easily opened and sterilized so that we will be able use it repeatedly after sterilization without any problems.
  • Dosing is an essential issue for semen insertion to any queen.
  • The capacity or the volume intended for commercial work should be possible for at least 25 queen bees in each sperm collect series.
  • Do standard device syringes on the market have these advantages? Please consult a professional in this regard. In designing and manufacturing the AQBI syringe, all these materials have been considered and are known as a positive privilege of AQBI insemination Device.

Syringe Parts

  • First item on the list
  • Semen Doing Screw
  • Silicone O-Ring
  • Syringe-Casting
  • Syringe Cylinder
  • Screw Cap1
  • Capillary
  • Squeeze-Sealing(De-aeration hose)
  • Screw Cap2
  • Connector Hose
  • Glass Tip
  • Flat Silicone Washer