Membrane syringe ( stainless steel ):

The syringe works with a 1.5 mm thick silicone plate. Because of the construction only very few diluted solution is needed, approximately 3 to 4 drops. Therefore the risk of infection is relatively small. This syringe has no metering device. But a 11 mm long plastic part of a cotton stick can be shoved onto the glas capillary to mark the dose of 8 µl.

Because of the small amount of diluted solution and the silicone plate the syringe works very exact, although the sperm storage might be very full. The storage has a capacity of 5 to 7 portions.

For this kind of syringe a 50 µl glas capillary is needed.

The key advantage is the exact movement of the diluted solution and the sperm.

Syringe with metering device :

This syringe is similar to the one which Mr. Winkler created, but it has one big advantage. It has a metering device and a storage, which has a capacity of 138 µl. That is enough to inseminate 17 bee queens, without the need to refill the syringe.

The storage consists of a 100 µl glas capillary.

To adjust the storage capacity the length of the glas capillary is variable.
The usage of the glas capillary decreases the risk of infection.

The entity of the piston works directly at the glas capillary, so the movement of the diluted solution is very exact, no matter how much sperm is used.

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