about artificial, instrumental insemination of queen bees :

Offering a controlled and targeted pairing of queen bees this method gains in importance opponent to other pairing methods. The usage of instrumental insemination offers better and faster results to select honey bees.

When crossing different races of bees in targeted breeding programs you can achieve better results using this technology than natural breeding.

Since ca. 70 to 80 years scientist research in this direction and out of that are the advantages of instrumental insemination generally known.

It is predominantly expected that an artificial inseminated queen brings less achievement as those with natural breeding.

I could find in my research, however, quite different results. Now we know that we can pass all selection factors to the next generation using artificial insemination and selection. However one must note that the life expectancy of the queens decreases under too long periods of narcosis.

Using this method of artificial insemination you need the following equipment:

>  a complete artificial insemination device

>   stereo microscope

>    a LED lamp or cold light source

>    an anesthesia equipment

>    several minor additives

If you would like to have more detailed information I advise the website of mr. Dr. Schley: